How to find local digital learning opportunities for your child, how computing is being taught in schools and more about careers in the digital world. 

There are many opportunities locally for jobs in the digital field. Learning digital skills, both in and out of school, is important for young people - not only for work, but also for life.

Here are some tips on how to use the platform, and on opportunities for young people in the world of digital.

  1. What the platform is for - this platform is an online directory of opportunities to learn digital skills in your area. We publish information about local opportunities, and invite Digital Learning Programmes to submit their information. You can find profiles of organisations, courses and events. There are a wide range of programmes. They cover different subjects and work with young people of different ages.

  2. What young people can access through the platform - courses and events that young people can attend, and details about organisations running them. These range from programmes that are run in school, to after-school clubs, to events in the community, to apprenticeship schemes and training programmes. They include programmes for young aged 6-25.

  3. In-person, kit and online - most of the programmes that feature on the platform take place in person - at clubs, meet-ups, hackdays or on training programmes. We also feature some programmes who sell products. Parents often buy these kits to explore digital learning with their children at home. We also feature a small number of online learning programmes. There are many online resources and the ones featured here are a small selection. We have chosen the ones we think are good additions to engaging with digital making in person.

  4. Attending local events and courses - we provide information about these programmes, but we are not responsible for them. We verify that the organisations are in operation and ask for contact details and contact person. We do not vouch for the quality of the programmes, or rank them according to any criteria, apart from what users favourite. You must decide which are most appropriate for your children. More information can be found the websites of each programme which you can link through to from our platform.

  5. Safeguarding Young People - young people can be at risk both at in person events and courses, and online. We do not approve programmes on the basis of child safety criteria. We don’t, for example, insist programmes confirm they are run by DBS checked adults in order to appear on the platform. It is a good idea to ask this when your child is attending courses or events for the first time. You can do that by contacting the organisation through email or phone before attending. It is also a good idea to help your child understand internet safety issues. Here is a good guide for parents. Or check out the Guidance for Young People on this site.

  6. How Computing is being taught in schools - Since September 2014 the Computing Curriculum has been taught at primary and secondary schools in the UK. See here for the detail of the curriculum. Our belief is that the informal learning programmes on this platform are great ways of augmenting what children are learning at school. Often, the people running these programmes are more expert at the technology they are teaching because they work in digital jobs. They can also help young people connect with a network of people working in the field.

  7. Careers in Digital - there is a growing demand for young people with the right digital skills. This is particularly true for your local area, where there is an active tech cluster. Through the right kind of training programme, young people can access jobs with starting salaries of £25-30k. You can help your child into these kinds of jobs by helping them engage with the learning opportunities on this platform. There is good guidance for young people on digital careers here.

    8. Enjoy it - engaging with digital is fun! Help your child find a programme or activity they enjoy. They will learn so much faster.