wearedotdotdot is an online directory of digital learning programmes. It promotes courses, events and products that engage young people* in digital learning face-to-face**, online or through products.

**Currently in beta, opportunities in East London only.

The purpose of the platform is to scale up the number of young people in East London accessing digital learning and into-work opportunities.

There are plans to expand the platform to include other locations, but for the moment we are concentrating on activities that take place in the boroughs of Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

To appear on this platform you must be an organisation with a base in these boroughs, or running courses and events in at least one of these boroughs, or an online course or product that augments in-person digital learning.

Here is some guidance on how to submit your programme to the platform, and on the criteria you need to fulfill.

  1. Criteria - your organisation is based in the boroughs of Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets or Newham, or you run events and/or courses in these boroughs, or you have an online course or product which supports digital learning or making.

  2. Activity - your programme teaches digital skills or you offer into-work opportunities for people who want to work in the digital sector. (By that we mean internships, traineeships, work placements or apprenticeship programmes.)

  3. Apply - you can submit your information in 3 different ways. 1. Create a profile for your organisation which explains what you do, who you are and how to connect with what you offer. This is mandatory - you must have a profile to add any further information such as events or courses. 2. Add an event. You can add an event or series of events that take place in East London (Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets or Newham). This is not mandatory but you must have a profile in order to do add an event, and the event must be linked to your profile. 3. Add a course. You can add a course or any number of courses that take place in East London (Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets or Newham). This is not mandatory but you must have a profile in order to do add a course.

  4. Time commitment - nominate a dedicated person to keep your information up to date. We will archive events and courses which have passed, but other than that, it is up to you to look after your information. Who will do that? How often are they available? Do they have the time? It's not a big commitment but you do need to have someone in place who can monitor and update your profile.

  5. Make your information user friendly and interesting - we advise using high quality images of your work, and adding a profile picture for your key contact person to make your programme appear accessible and welcoming. 

  6. Support for your programme - we invite partners to use the site to see how they can support local digital learning. Consider what kind of support would help your programme grow. Who would you like partners to contact if they have an offer?

  7. Make your information appealing - the platform invites users to favourite the programmes, courses and events they like the most. If you want to submit a profile, look at how others appear, and pick some images which will help you present your information well.

  8. Child protection - if you are offering events or courses for young people under 18 we expect you to have all the necessary child protection procedures in place. It is not our job to enforce this, but we advise that you have adequate protection in place, including the required DBS registered adults at events and courses.

  9. Make sure own your information and images - before you submit any images, make sure you know where they come from. If you don't own those images or videos then it is illegal for you to put them on the site. You'll need to have the consent of anyone featured in those images or videos.

  10. Keeping information up to date - we will check to ensure the information on the platform is up-to-date. We reserve the right to take down your profile and course and event entries if they are in the past, or if you have been inactive on the site for a considerable period of time.

  11. Publicity - we would like to make the information on the site as appealing and relevant as possible. You can contact us specifically if you have a particular event or offer that you would like us to publicise.

  12. Welcome - assuming you meet the criteria above, welcome to the platform and we look forward to having you on board.